Thursday, 3 February 2011

I want sunny weather

Mmmm I am so tired of this weather now.... rain, rain and rain.

I left Sweden in June -08, came down to a South Africa in winter, then at the end of August -09, just when the spring started I left South Africa and came back to a Sweden in autumn, had a really cold and snowy winter, and then when the spring came and the snow had disappeared I went to South Africa again in the end of May, stayed there for 2 months (and missed a really hot summer in Sweden), were back in Sweden for 1 1/2 months and left for Canada, where I am now.
Yes had some lovely, sunny weather here the first weeks, nice autumn weather...... and now it is just rain, rain, rain.
So the last time I had a proper summer was in December -08.... A lovely hot summer in South Africa, so you can maybe understand my complains about the weather????

Anyway, now is time for me to go and pick Marcus up from school, and tomorrow is Kevin's Friday off so weekend starts NOW!!!!

Take care

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