Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I love coffee, don't know how many cups I drink during the day.
But it is one thing I absolutely can't be without :)

So yes now I sit here with my coffee and do my daily routine :)

Mmmm every morning I do the same..... as soon as I am back after dropping Kevin off at work and the first walk with the dog....

I sit down, with my coffee, at my laptop and going through my emails, after that I read Aftonbladet-a Swedish newspaper- then I surf around on Internet, reads some blogs, writing in my own blog ( if I have something to write about)

Then it will be more coffee and do some things here at home ( this don't take so long time...... )

And when I have done that it is lunch time :)

After lunch I take Chip out for a walk and when we are in again it will be more coffee and start to think about what we going to have for supper.....(sometimes this taking a long long time...:p ) and after that it is time to pick Marcus up from school and Kevin from work :)

Then it is together time :) watch some TV and just relax... :)

Well that's my days :)

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