Monday, 28 February 2011


yes sneakers..... I need a pair.... and yesterday I looked for it but have trouble to find anything that fits.....

I can't find any..... yesterday I tried sizes between kids 2 to women's 5......
I can't get my head around the sizes here.... my shoe size is 35/36... so that is a 5 here (women) and a 3 (kid) but if it is a UK shoe it is a 2,5.....
Can't understand that it have to be so difficult to find a pair that fits.... but seems that people here don't have "small" feet....but as a salesman said to me when I asked if he had anything in size 5 -"Do you really have so small feet???"

And most of the kid shoes does (unfortunately) look like kid shoes.... :( (good if you are a kid )

So for now I guess I have to walk around in my boots.

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