Monday, 31 January 2011

I am

Today it is a cold day.... have not slept so well, don't know what my neighbours above me is doing during the nights but it does wake me up, so a combination of tiredness and that I can't get the heat up in the apartment is not a good one...

All I want to do right now is go back to bed, but know that if I do it will not be better.... use to just feel more tired if I do.

So will take another coffee and hope that will help :)

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lovely Sunday

The beach at Golden Ears Provincial Park

Today we took a trip out, we went through such a lovely landscapes.

The weather have been really good today, cold but sunny :)

Now it is time to eat and then just sit down and watch some TV :)

Saturday, 29 January 2011


not so good today....

can it be the combination red wine and late night?

Well it wasn't planned to be either late or more then 1 glass of wine.... but it was a good night and will "pay" for it today :)

The plans for today are postponed til tomorrow... We were thinking to take a trip to Mission walk around in the beautiful nature there, but none of us are capable to drive today, so will take a walk instead and hope that fresh air will do us well :)

Take care

Friday, 28 January 2011

Almost lunch time and that means only a couple of hours and I will have my loved one home :)

Up til now I have been out to the shop, watched some handball from Sweden ( semi-final in the word cup) Sweden played France and unfortunately the lost :(

Tonight I was planning to watch Smallville and Supernatural but they have changed it so now I have to wait til next Friday......

Just because Vampire Diaries and Nikita started yesterday and the shows are on the same time as American Idol.....

So will see what happens tonight .... will figure out something :)

It is

Friday...... And it feels so good :) two days without getting up 6 o'clock in the morning...

This week Marcus has been home and yesterday he did his final exam in math, so I took him to school at 8 am and picked him up 10:30 am, I have started to be use to have him here around so it was a little strange feeling to be home alone during that time.
It is nice with some company during the days... :)

Well on Monday we are back on track again ... and I will have all day on my own again...

I actually don't mind to be home alone.

Time to go to the shop....

Take care

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


morning and still feeling tired.... don't know why...
Yes I do get up early in the morning but I am not up late....
It must be the weather.....

Well this morning I have been busy :) Had to hoover :) cos sometimes today between 9am- 5pm
they will come and check out the apartment.....
suite quality control...... so yes do want it to look tidy :)

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Weekend comes to an end.....

Now it is Sunday evening...... just a couple of hours left off this weekend.
The weekend have been good.
Friday night we played Guitar Hero and Lips.... and it became very late before we went to bed :p
4 o'clock in the morning we went to bed but we were up again at 9:30 but didn't feel so good....

My legs feels a bit stiff today, we were out walking yesterday around the neighbourhood :)
think we walked over 10km.

The weather wasn't the best but at least it didn't rain......

So today we just took a short walk.

And just because I think I was good yesterday, it will be brownies for dessert today :)
They are in the oven right now and it smells wonderful :)

Tomorrow the week starts again, but this week Marcus will be home almost the whole week, he have final exam in math on Thursday for 2 hours so he is off all week because of that........

Thursday, 20 January 2011

This weather....

is weird :)

This morning it started with sleet, went over to snow, heavy wet snow.... and now it is raining....

When it was snowing here at most I was talking to Kevin who is 10 minutes away from here and there it was raining no snow at all...

Well guess that the snow will disappear now.... and we will have wet sleet instead.... I rather have snow.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Half day

done and not so tired any longer :)

Up till now not much have happened, but have manage to "talk" to my mother and brother.

Need to figure out what we gonna have for tea.... so that is on my happening list today :) and go and pick up my love ones :)

Monday morning

and I am feeling really tired.....

Weekend was good, didn't do so much, took a drive to Mission yesterday it was nice.

Hopefully I will wake up soon :p, drinking my morning coffee and soon it is time to take Marcus to school.

Take care

Friday, 14 January 2011

It is Friday...!!!!

Feels like it have been a really loooong week, but now it is Friday.

Don't have anything planned for the weekend, just hope that it will not rain....

Today I have been out shopping and then done some cleaning, have to do things so the days goes by recently fast :)

Well time to go down to the laundry.... not the funniest thing to do but a must :p

Take care and have a nice weekend , I know I will :)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Another day....

Well yesterday we got our Internet upgraded and a lot of TV channels...... the remote control... well it will take awhile before I know how to use all the buttons on it :)

Yesterday they talked and warned about that it would snow, and yes it started last night so this morning it was snowy, heavy wet snow.....

it just makes me wonder, when they know its gonna snow, why haven't they been out and plow????

you couldn't see the paths and the roads are just covered in snow.....

weird...or is it just that I am from Sweden and think it should be obvious..????

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Sat yesterday and waited for Telus to come and upgrade our internet between 8-10 am, nobody appeared and when we finally got in touch with them they said that it was the 11th they would be there.... so for a moment we thought that we had mixed up the dates but no it turns out that yes they were supposed to come the 10th but have changed the time without telling us :( of course they said that the had.....

So now I sit here again and have to wait for them :) hopefully the will not be late today :)

Monday, 10 January 2011

Back to normal...

Mmmm now we are back to normal again :)
both Marcus and Kevin have gone back to school/work.

Christmas and New Year have been really good, we had 2 Christmases.
First on the 24th what I and Marcus are used too, we had gammon, "prinskorv", eggs, ribs and ris a la malta :)
Then the 25th, it was time for turkey, roast potatoes, gravy, veg's etc........

New Years eve we hoped to see some fireworks, we didn't but we heard it :)