Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Haven't wrote here for awhile.....
I have been sick and spent my days laying in the sofa and watched TV, something I never do during the days normally, if they showing some kind of sport yes then I do watch :)

Still don't feeling well, but just hope that this will disappear soon, think I have tried all kinds of cough reliefs and I can tell you it doesn't taste good at all, and after 4 hours I need to take another dose of it so my nights are not so funny.

The weekend was really nice, we had good weather both Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday Kevin and I went to Vancouver and Sunday we all went out to Gold creek..... It was amazing to walk the trail up to the waterfall and see the nature and the water....We had a picnic on the "beach".
We were all really tired on the Sunday night.

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