Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Had some plain yogurt at home that I had to use... so I searched on Internet for some recipe with that in, found a Russian rye bread...
I have never used yogurt in bread before and in this recipe it was cumin too...
so gave it a try and it turned out really well, gave it to my son this morning ( he is not so keen to try new things sometimes) and he liked it :) so that was a win win :)

Another "funny" thing, yesterday morning they talked about the pyramids on the radio and it was something about that they think that Aliens have done something with or in them, Marcus was listening to it and asked me if I heard what they said.... I did not listen to it so he starts to tell me, and then it was a word that I didn't understand so he starts to explain the meaning of this word... it is just that he is doing it in English.....!!! ( he is Swedish and I am that too) 

Remember when we lived in South Africa and he was talking to his friend in Sweden  and then he turns to me and says, mom what is the Swedish word for Christmas tree???

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